A Powerful Catalyst for Change

Healthcare data can finally be liberated and aggregated for the common good of patients and medical science.

Patient Directed

Leverage HIPAA law to rapidly transfer patient data from silos into a distributed model, under the control and governance of the consumer. Facilitate exchange and monetization of this precious information to reduce consumer and systemic healthcare costs


Ethereum blockchain and Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS) design, decentralized control. Inherent smart contracts to track information exchange and associated monetary transactions.


Layered security via a novel HyperVPN encapsulated IPFS subnet, with each node encrypted at rest. Enforces electronically verified identities with multi-sig/multi-factor access control.

Unique and disruptive, PatientDirected.io benefits the patient first. It intends to lower the cost of care for each patient by allowing them to monetize their healthcare information - 90% of these funds go to the patient. PatientDirected intends to rapidly end the current healthcare information exchange stalemate by focusing on the consumer and facilitating their collective will for better care and lower costs.

PDEQ Token Sale Live Now

Offered via startEngine over 90 days - click here to buy tokens

% of the company is being sold via the PDEQ Equity Token

PTDIR Utility Tokens for each PDEQ Token Purchased

$M USD Pre-money Valuation

Months holding period to trade PDEQ ERC-20 on Alt trading platforms

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Our Innovative Team has over 100 years of experience in Healthcare, Technology and Enterprise Security



Whitepaper R&D

Research fundamentals and consult with SMEs and thought leaders to develop a unique solution to healthcare interoperability

Plan and Design MVP And Platform

Develop plan for architecture, modular design components, backend systems and front end.

Release Whitepaper

Begin the process of intereative review with potential stakeholders and advisors

Assemble Core Team & Advisors

Find complementary experts in requsite areas of interest to execute and advise the project plan.

Develop Project Website

Develop website and coordinate with social media effort, target launch in early March

Develop Token Sale Contracts and Early POC/MVP Plan

Develop ETH Smart Contracts and plan early MVP offering

Launch Project

Start PR push to coincide with HIMSS 2018. Attend HIMSS and drive awareness though press and social media

Complete POC Development of Mobile app and Smart Contracts

POC Includes patient registration, governance settings and data exchange via smart contract.

Register for Public ICO with startEngine

Build our online prospectus and adhere to strict legal and financial process with review by the startEngine team. Plan for early June ICO launch.

Launch Public ICO

Use the startEngine platform to offer tokenized equity in PatientDirected Inc, with anticiapted PTDIR utiltiy/security token bonus for each equity token purchased.

Complete Alpha MVP Development and Deployment of Patient Directed.io Platform on Testnet

Demonstrate operational native iOS app and Admin portal tied to EOS /SIA backend and EHR data transfer endpoints

Continue Iterative Development and Deployment of Patient Directed.io Platform

Expand governanace controls and related smart contracts. Bring online a broader set of data import and layered security capabilities.

Develop new partnerships and realted data exchange use cases for the platform

Grow user base and revenue via strategic partnerhsips that introduce patients to the benefits of the Patient Directed Platform and it's ability to solve specific healthcare data exchange problems.

Continue to Grow Patient Membership towards 1M Member Milestone in H2 2019

Expand partnerships and channel partners to reach our critical adoption milestone of 1M patient members.

PTDIR Public Token Sale

Anticipated public offering of PTDIR tokens via SEC approved offering to investors, with listing on alternate trading platforms.

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